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Date: Monday, June 28, 2021

Polish Border Guard together with Military University of Technology jointly organized the TRESSPASS land border pilot at land border crossing point in Terespol, Poland. The tests held at the border between Poland and Belarus took place at the end of May this year. Twelve border guard officers took part in the experiments showing usefulness of risk-based border concept for land border.

The pilot tests of the TRESSPASS system were aimed at demonstrating how the developed system can support the work of border guard officers working in the specific conditions of the land border crossing point. Several research scenarios have been prepared, including detection of illegal transportation of goods. During the tests, several TRESSPASS components have been deployed in the bus terminal. All the systems have been operated by Polish Border Guard officers who took few-hour training before execution of the tests. Preliminary feedback from the practitioners on site validated the usefulness of the system.