TRESSPASS overall objectives:

O1. Develop a single cohesive risk-based border management concept that covers the entire scope as described above, i.e. a four-tier trans-national, multi-modal security tunnel, including the accompanying concept of operations.

O2. Apply an ethics and data protection “by design” approach to ensure legal and ethical compliance of the solutions and provide ethical guidelines for decision makers regarding the planning and implementation of risk based screening at borders.

O3. Include passenger trust in risk management model and perform sensitivity analysis and optimization by taking into consideration a trustful passenger as a proactive and trustworthy source of voluntary information and determine the benefits from the development of such trust-based interaction between security system and passenger in order to optimize the performance of the system in terms of efficiency, cost reduction, and increased security.

O4. Develop three pivoting pilot demonstrators for practical demonstration of key conceptual, operational and technical aspects of this concept using multiple threat scenarios, including terrorism activities at air borders, cross border crime at land borders and irregular immigration via sea (port) borders.

O5. Demonstrate the validity of the single cohesive risk-based border management concept by using the developed pilot demonstrators, red teaming and simulations.

O6. Prepare for the further development of this concept beyond this project by linking to other known risk based border management projects and describe how their results contribute to a single cohesive risk-based border management concept. This will give all stakeholders a perspective for their respective further development.