The Greek use case - sea port border crossing point. Piraeus Cruise Port - Cruise travelers risk-based screening

  • Challenges:
    • To host the embarking and disembarking services of many cruise ships in parallel
    • To separate and direct non-Schengen arrivals not to any but to a specific terminal which has the appropriate infrastructure and facilities needed
    • To make the appropriate border controls to the large number of cruise passengers crossing the BCPs simultaneously.
  • Expected impact:
    • The port operators and border authorities are expecting to utilize better their existing infrastructure and facilities, increase their capacities and throughput by eliminating the dependencies based on the types of travelers, their origins, entries or exit types and improve so their existing border and customs control processes with limited resources needed, without causing any delay to cruise ship passengers. Since cruising comparatively with other transportation means is considered so far as low-risk form of travelling and tourism and the traffic created at BCP’s is high, one expected impact is the implementation of a none stop point control for security and border control (SBC), without any delay.