EFFECTOR aims to enhance maritime surveillance, improve decisions support, and foster collaboration of maritime stakeholders by implementing an Interoperability Framework and associated Data Fusion and Analytics services for Maritime Surveillance and Border Security that will allow faster detection of new events, better informed decision making, achievement of a joint understanding and undertaking of a situation across borders, allowing seamless cooperation between operating authorities and on-site intervention forces ensuring that all existing privacy and data protection rules are fully respected. Specifically, EFFECTOR will unlock the full capabilities of maritime surveillance systems and data sharing at tactical and strategic level by introducing applied solutions for enhanced border and external security, including the implementation of a multilayered data lake platform for end-to-end interoperability and data exploitation, the exchange of enhanced situational awareness pictures at different level with CISE and EUROSUR, the adoption of interoperability standards for exploiting data sources and systems currently underutilized in maritime environment and the demonstration of new concepts and tools for knowledge extraction, semantic representation, data fusion, analytics, and federated querying that can scale from local to regional and up to national and transnational level.


Website: effector-project.eu




The EU-funded METICOS project aims to create an up-to-date acceptance classification scheme as well as a societal and ethical impact dashboard of border control technologies, to empower three major sub-divisions of the wider border control sector: travelers, border control authorities and service providers.

METICOS will focus on established models and theories, such as the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM), the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT) and Innovation Diffusion Theory. In addition, performance and credibility expectations of smart border technologies from travelers, border management and law enforcement agencies will be explored in detail. As such, METICOS aims to create a holistic solution to address challenges for border management, both as regards societal acceptance and efficiency.

The METICOS toolkit will be validated in two application scenarios and in five different countries.


Website: meticos-project.eu




PERSONA project has been brought into being in order to come up with a unified and tailored Impact Assessment Method for No-Gate Crossing Point Solutions capable of appropriately evaluating border controlling technologies and of ensuring that these solutions meet the requirements and expectations of governments, LEAS, and border crossing individuals. 


Website: persona-project.eu




SMILE Action proposes a novel concept of mobility that addresses the challenges at the European land borders, by designing, implementing, and evaluating in a relevant environment (TRL6) a prototype management architecture for accurate verification, automated control, monitoring and optimisation of people flows. It will take advantage of the capabilities of smart mobile devices in border control for secure and reliable authentication and processes their exploitation as a part of a biometric multimodal verification process that augments/complements existing approaches. The idea of SMILE mobility is based on private cloud infrastructure technologies that will communicate with remote handhelds through a secure gateway. The SMILE Action will target the land borders, so the proposed technological and operational framework will be tested through demonstrations at two Border Crossing Points.

Website: www.smile-h2020.eu




XP-DITE is a research project which brings together 13 organisations across Europe to develop, and demonstrate a comprehensive, passenger-centred, outcome-focused, system-level approach to the design and evaluation of airport security checkpoints.

Website: https://www.xp-dite.eu/




iBorderCtrl (Intelligent Portable Control System) is an innovative project that aims to enable faster and thorough border control for third country nationals crossing the land borders of EU Member States (MS), with technologies that adopt the future development of the Schengen Border Management.

Website: https://www.iborderctrl.eu




FLYSEC is an ambitious research and innovation project that aims to develop and demonstrate an innovative, integrated, end-to-end airport security process for passengers, airports and airlines.

Website: https://www.fly-sec.eu/