The Project

Introducing risk-based border management at border crossing points.

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Technical Framework

Novel technologies (i.e. biometrics) are combinied with smart algorythms and technics.

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Pilot use cases

Sea, land and air crossing points are demonstrated.

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20 May

TRESSPASS pilot: testing risk-based screening at border crossing points of the EU

  • May 20, 21

The TRESSPASS end user Royal Dutch Marechaussee organized the “air pilot” in... Read more

19 Feb

New collaboration with METICOS H2020 Project

  • Feb 19, 21

In the context of H2020 BES Thematic Area clustering and synergy activities,... Read more


16 Sep

7th EAB Research Projects Conference 2020: TRESSPASS presentation by Dr Dimitris Kyriazanos

The 7th edition of the EAB Research Projects Conference (EAB-RPC) took place... Read more

17 Jul

NCSR "Demokritos"Summer School 2020

Demokritos, the largest research center of Greece organized for the 55th... Read more




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