3 Feb 2020

An additional very interesting TRESSPASS workshop has taken place in Hague, where all WP7 people discussed about the scope, the interfaces between tasks, the partners and the...Read more

15 Jan 2020

2020 for TRESSPASS is the year of the Dutch field test in Schiphol airport! In this context the Consortium held the first General Assembly of the year in close vicinity of the...Read more

9 Oct 2019

This workshop was a kick-off event of the task 2.3 of the project. Among the discussed topics were the risk assessment methods, the role of risk assessment methods in border...Read more

30 Sep 2019

The CONOPS and Ethics meeting has successfully taken place in Freiburg, Germany. The meeting was an open discussion and exchange of perspectives around the integration of CONOPS...Read more

28 Jun 2019

On the first day of the project’s Plenary meeting in Athens, presentations from WPs 11, 1 and 2 have taken place. In continuation, on the second day there were extensive updates...Read more

26 Jun 2019

The first gathering of the Stakeholder Advisory Board, hosted by the Coordinator of the project, has taken place in NCSR Demokritos, Athens. Present in this event were external...Read more