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Date: Friday, June 19, 2020

SMILE H2020 Action together with PERSONAMAGNETOD4FLYPREVISIONROXANNE and TRESSPASS EU-funded H2020 Actions working on border security and crime-fighting technologies launched on 18-19 of June an online seminar to provide a platform for addressing challenges and exchanging ideas on ethics, privacy and data protection. The goal of the participating H2020 projects is to provide an international workshop on ethics, privacy, and data protection.

Presentations were given by Dr Dimitris Kyriazanos from NCSR Demokritos, Deputy Coordinator of the project and by Dr Elisa Orru from University of Freiburg, leader of Ethical and Data Protection aspects of the project.

The overall scope of TRESSPASS is to modernize the way the security checks at border crossing points (BCPs) are held out at land, air and sea. TRESSPASS imports the concept of “risk-based” security checks and proposes an analytic framework for modeling risk as well as a systematic approach of quantifying risk, based on a set of indicators ranging from real-time behavior analytics to intelligent information extraction and sharing that can accurately be measured across all four tiers of the Integrated Border Management. 

In total, more than 140 people attended the webinar coming from Europe, Asia, South America and Africa. The types of audiences who participated in the webinar were highly relevant to the webinar's topics as they came from the identity industry, government and law enforcement agencies, societal actors, and academia. More particularly, many attendees were from IDEMIA, eu-LISA, FRONTEX, European Passengers' Federation, EU Parliament, EC's DG HOME.