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Date: Wednesday, February 10, 2021

TRESSPASS H2020 project has provided feedback to the European Commission new Schengen strategy roadmap initiative:

This is in line with the project strategic objective for policy-level impact and linking relevant TRESSPASS findings to stakeholders and EU Institution initiatives.

new schengen strategy

Current legal & regulatory framework as well as border controls modus operandi don't offer much alternatives to EU MS wishing to react and adapt to a perceived higher level of threat. Instead, the reintroduction of standard internal border controls is decided as the only option, effectively suspending the free movement of people and core benefits of the Schengen area. Risk-based screening across all border crossing modalities (air, land and sea) can offer necessary adaptive capabilities and innovative CONOPS to policy makers and practitioners and enhance decision making beyond the current binary: free movement vs border controls.

You can find the feedback text here: