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Date: Tuesday, December 11, 2018

The TRESSPASS consortium, together with the hosting partner “National University of Ireland Maynooth”, held its first End User Workshop in Dublin, Ireland on December 11th, 2018 bringing together end users with representatives from European border authorities and stakeholders with the purpose of presenting and validating the Concepts of Operations and preliminary findings of the TRESSPASS project end user requirements research. Participants included end users from within the TRESSPASS Consortium and external representatives such as the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service at Dublin Airport.


The workshop morning session, administered by Michael Cooke from the “National University of Ireland Maynooth” focused on presenting the TRESSPASS CONOPs so far, with the purpose of validating its future scenario through exercises and activities aiming to define and outline for stakeholders the key elements of work, primary tasks, and operational rules in order to reach a desired outcome.  This also included the evaluation of border-crossing and security processes which are currently implemented at EU level. The activity task resulted in prompting people to think about roles, tools and other resources thus identifying challenges for innovation.

The afternoon session, held by Giovanni Vassallo from “Zanasi & Partners”, followed with a presentation of the preliminary set of end user requirements gathered thus far through literature, end user surveys and individual interviews. Cross-cutting requirements emerged from the overall analysis that concerned all 3 modalities of air, land and sea such as the modernization of border control, training, improved threat identification and information sharing at international level.  After consolidated group discussions, end user representatives provided positive feedback and reported their own outcomes, which also validated the analysis so far.

The workshop provided participants with an opportunity to be part of an enthusiastic and creative group of innovators working on the EU’s vision for European integrated and smart border management and to exchange views and experiences with colleagues from other countries' border authorities. The result is a positive look forward for the TRESSPASS project, with the next steps leading to finalizing end user requirements to be implemented during the 3 Field Tests.


The TRESSPASS project is a 42 month H2020 Innovation Action aiming to modernize the way security checks at BCPs are held out. Pioneering in the area of border management by including air, maritime and land BCPs and travel routes that combine the 3 different modalities, TRESSPASS imports the idea of “Risk based” security checks and proposes an analytic framework for modelling risk as well as a systematic approach of quantifying risk, based on a set of indicators that can accurately be measured across all four tiers of the EU Integrated Border Management (1) measures undertaken in, or jointly with third countries or service providers; (2) cooperation with neighbouring countries; (3) border control and counter-smuggling measures, and (4) control measures within the area of free movement.



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