Country: Germany

The University of Freiburg’s Centre for Security and Society (CSS) is a transdisciplinary research centre. It focuses the University’s research efforts in the fields of technical, informatical, juridical, sociological, ethical and political research in the field of civil security. The CSS has partnered in a range of security research projects on the national and EU level. Relevant recent examples are the EU-FP7 projects XP-DITE, SURVEILLE and TeraSCREEN.


  • Ensure that standards of ethical research and development are met throughout the project.
  • Identify relevant ethical, legal and societal aspects (ELSAs) of risk based border management approaches.
  • Develop a coherent approach for assessing the ELSA related direct impact of risk based approaches on the travelling public, with a special focus on potential data protection, accountability and discrimination issues.
  • Suggest options for mitigation and minimization of ethical impact for TRESSPASS tools and solutions.
  • Generation of guidelines for decision makers with regard to ethical, legal and societal aspects of risk based border management.
  • Identify foreseeable indirect ethical impact of introducing risk based screening concepts.