Country: Greece

The main tasks of the entity and especially of the Hellenic Coast Guard are: general police duties at the sea and at the port facilities, marine environment protection, border surveillance, fishery control, maritime security/safety, search and rescue operations and several other duties. Alongside, HCG applies police duties in ports which are characterised as Border crossing point (BCP’s) from Schengen Agreement and support Hellenic Police (HP is responsible for the application of the border control in Schengen areas).


Due to the position of Greece (crossroad between Europe, Asia and Africa), HCG personnel is specialised to deal with illegal activities that occur at BCP’s such as the ports of Piraeus, Patras and Igoumenitsa. HCG as an entity can provide the project with data and experience that can help the development of the risk-based border management system.

  • End User Requirements
  • Risk based CONOPS
  • Port Safety and Surveillance – Greek Pilot

HCG withdrew from the Consortium due to increased operational obligations - Feb 2020