Country: France

With a 2012 turnover in excess of €300m, the ICTS Group employs some 10,000 employees in twenty-one subsidiaries across Europe, all of which are closely linked, sharing resources, information and goals. In the UK and Ireland alone, ICTS has some 2,000 employees. In August 2013, ICTS become part of Groupe Sofinord. Despite its impressive size, Groupe Sofinord is still a family owned business, specialising in the delivery of logistics and customer services (primarily within the transport sector). ICTS experience in security service delivery dovetails very neatly with Groupe Sofinord’s portfolio and is well aligned with the Sofinord service ethos of Customer First, Teamwork and Innovation. As ICTS does not have shareholders to satisfy, company profits can be re-invested in the development and diversification of ICTS services.

The ICTS service offering is based around three board fields of operation. First is the provision, management and support of security and customer service personnel, rigorously trained in and licensed for a wide variety of disciplines. Second is the provision of innovative electronic, physical and procedural security systems, which can be used in isolation or integrated to provide a comprehensive security solution. Third is the provision of canine services – passive and pro-active detection of drugs, explosives, firearms and currency.

ICTS bring 27 years of aviation security experience, gained in more than 80 airports world-wide in the areas of:

  • Risk-based screening: Testing operational input, Operational effectiveness and input. specifications of operational capabilities.
  • Digital Identity: biometric boarding pass solution

ICTS participates in ACI World Security Standing Committee as well as in ACI Europe Security Committee. They are directly involved and consulted in various professional matters and initiatives, comprising technological solutions , behaviour observations, topics , insider threat mitigation and other.


ICTS to lead standardisation activities under WP 10.

ICTS will also participatein tasks that focus on:

  • Testing operational input.
  • Highlighting threat items that need to be identified.
  • Operational effectiveness and input.
  • Specifications of operational capabilities.