Country: Greece

Infili is a research intensive SME that utilizes a unique combination of high-end technologies as an outcome of many years of R&D experience and is structured around a pool of highly qualified and motivated engineers with expertise in international projects. The company is designing solutions for vertical industries with diverse and very demanding requirements regarding the exploitation of their information and knowledge repositories. Infili focuses in Software development, Data Mining, PM and Consulting services by utilizing market standards such as PRINCE2 and ISO 9001. Security ISO 27001 guidelines are followed in deploying solutions and handling third party information data. Infili offers a variety of services, summarized below:

•Enterprise IT systems.

•Information Security / ISO 27001 / COBIT.

•Project Management in deployment projects.

•Research & Development in the areas of Semantic Web, AI, opinion mining.

The company’s main competences are focused on machine learning algorithms, as well as advanced SW engineering solutions spanning a wide range of SOA and SaaS principles including flavors on Big Data through advanced techniques for managing large unstructured data sets.


  • Service-Oriented Architectures: Following the latest trends, the design of IT systems that comply to the SOA principles for optimal service utilization and service delivery through IT.
  • Enterprise IT systems: Design, Development, Integration and Customization of large scale and complex IT systems that meet the customers’ business requirements.
  • Cloud computing: Platforms and services that realize SaaS and PaaS systems and virtualization environments.


  • Web2.0 development & integration: Deploying Web2.0 principles for providing a state-of- the-art web presence; and this in an integrated manner utilizing the most popular social networking tools.
  • Web-trends monitoring & reporting: analyzing the Web dynamics from a variety of sources (forums, blogs, web, etc).

R&D - Innovation

  • Semantic-Web: Ontology oriented & and knowledge enriched Web perception.
  • AI: Artificial and information intelligence Web3.0 applications, sentiment analysis.
  • Web data mining: Information retrieval and Information extraction from unstructured sources.


Technology provider participating in WP3 and WP4 leader with main focus in the data fusion and data management areas.