Country: Ireland

The National University of Ireland Maynooth, aka Maynooth University is home to the Dept. Of Psychology and the Maynooth University Social Science institute (MUSSI), an interdisciplinary institute that brings together expertise from social and applied psychology, anthropology, sociology and other social and human sciences. For the purposes of TRESSPASS, NUIM is particularly concerned with the human experience of living and working within complex sociotechnical systems, emphasising the perspective of the human users and stakeholders of technological systems, and in particular border security systems, and supporting the design and evaluation of innovation. MUSSI includes experts in the  psychology of complex systems and human-computer interaction, migration studies and security.

NUIM, through its key personnel, has extensive experience and expertise in organisational psychology, human factors and sociotechnical systems design and evaluation. NUIM’s approach is a human activity-centred methodology that constructs a complex yet usable framework for situating human needs and requirements within the context of operational reality and sociotechnical change. Our methodology allows designers, developers, managers and users to see themselves and others within the process of change management and the implementation of innovations including technological, regulatory, process and system changes. The CONOPS framework will be an essential resource for the evaluation and validation of TRESSPASS concepts, tools and methods.


As Human Factors specialists, NUIM will lead the work package on Operational Methods and Acceptability (WP6). We will work with outputs from WP1 and WP9 in terms of the risk based concept and the ethical and privacy aspects and combine them with empirical observational studies in WP6 on real world border and security operations. This will produce a concept of operations framework (CONOPS) which will help guide the design and development as well as validation aspects of the project. The outputs of WP6 which will be developed by NUIM will include a framework for organisational and operational implementation of TRESSPASS post-project.