Country: Poland

Border Guard of the Republic of Poland (PBG) was established by the Act of 12th October 1990 on the Border Guard and Act on the State Border Protection of 12th October 1990. It consists of nearly 4.000 civil workers and almost 15.000 well - trained officers who 24/7 protect one of the longest EU external border. Border Guard Headquarters (BG HQs) of Poland is central unit which services the Border Guard Commander in Chief by supporting and coordinating actions of the BG units. Border Guard consist of the following services: Departaments and Bureaus in BG HQ, 12 Border Guard Regional Units, Central BG Training Center in Koszalin, BG Training Center in Kętrzyn, BG Specialist Training Center in Lubań. HQ cooperate with FRONTEX, Interpol, Europol, Nordic Liaison Office etc.

Main tasks and powers of the Border Guard:

  • protection of the state border;
  • fighting border crime and prosecuting perpetrators;
  • organisation and performance of border traffic control;
  • implementation of international agreements regarding legal relations at the state border;
  • supervision over the use of Polish maritime areas and monitoring vessels for their compliance with the regulations in effect in that area ;
  • ensuring public order within the border crossing area, and, within the scope of the BG competence, in the border zone;
  • security control of means of international transport, including onboard security control;
  • counteracting crime against public safety and crime against aviation safety, as well as pursuing perpetrators thereof;
  • preventing transportation of drugs, psychotropic substances, harmful waste, weapons, ammunition and explosives without a proper permit
  • control of legality of aliens’ stay within the state territory.
  • The System of State Border Protection


The role of PL BG will be regular tasks of end – user as they are described in the Project, connected mostly of testing the equipment and technologies produced and prepared during the Project within its operational phase. PBG expects to achieve within this Project more effective surveillance of EU external borders with usage of high advanced solutions and technology in the conditions of increasing passenger's flow