Country: Netherlands

The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee (RNM) is a gendarmerie corps, a police organisation with military status. The Ministry of Security and Justice has authority, the Ministry of Defence is responsible for the management.

Characteristics of the RNM are national and international deployment, deployment in threat situations and deployment at the high end of the spectrum of force

The main tasks of the RNM are border control and border surveillance, military police, military missions and police missions and security & surveillance incl. civil aviation security.


The main tasks of the RNM are:

  • To lead the pilot in the Netherlands, together with TNO, where the TRESSPASS solution will be applied to an air border crossing
  • To elicit end user needs and requirements regarding the TRESSPASS solution
  • To evaluate all ideas and solutions within TRESSPASS with respect to usability

Furthermore, the RNM is involved in:

  • Methods & Acceptability
  • Simulation and training
  • Evaluation