Country: Austria

The Software Competence Center Hagenberg GmbH [], a non-university research institution in the software segment, was founded in 1999 by five departments of the Johannes Kepler University Linz (JKU) and currently employs a staff of about 65. Since 2008, SCCH is supported as a K1-center within the Austrian competence centre program of COMET. The competence centre’s focus lies on applied research while also covering the fields of fundamental research and precompetitive development. SCCH’s areas of expertise include Software Engineering and Technology as well as Data Analysis Systems and Knowledge Based Vision Systems, which are concerned with the analysis of data from various fields of application and computer vision systems respectively. The spectrum of applications encompasses process analysis, process optimization, condition monitoring, virtual sensors, fault prediction and optimal control systems in the process industry and production, in machine manufacturing and environmental technology as well as tracking, scene analysis, information fusion and recently also deep learning. Feature learning empowered by deep learning is used as a basis for transfer learning and multi-modal learning problems in industrial settings. SCCH’s excellence in the field of knowledge-based vision systems is based on its interdisciplinary competences in computer vision and deep learning research.


SCCH will be responsible for predictive behavioural analytics for the identification of possible risk of intent. Furthermore SCCH will support all computer vision related tasks including object/people tracking and detection as well as all deep learning related tasks.