Country: Netherlands

Vicarious Perception Technologies – VicarVision for short – is a computer vision R&D company that has been developing custom surveillance, facial expression recognition, human and object detection and tracking systems since 2001. Together with three sister companies, VicarVision is part of the SMR-group, a group of artificial intelligence technology companies active in different AI application areas for over 25 years. VicarVision employs 15 specialists with post-graduate backgrounds in AI, mathematics, informatics, software engineering and psychology.

VicarVision develops state of the art computer vision solutions and products specializing in perceiving people from video. FaceReader, actively used in over 500 behavioural research institutes and companies worldwide, was the first commercial offering of its kind and remains the premier product for evaluating emotional expressions and heart rate from the human face. Vicar Analytics is VicarVision’s newest product, using state-of-the-art people tracking, emotion recognition and big data analytics to provide actionable intelligence (customer flows, walking patterns, demographics and engagement) for stakeholders in retail environments. Largely, an R&D company, VicarVision has received numerous national and European grants to develop solutions in surveillance, detection & tracking of humans, and signalling abnormal suspect behaviour.


VV will develop people tracking, person re-identification, and stress detection solutions as part of WP3 (Sensors and Information Gathering) and will provide support in tasks of WP4 (Data Fusion and Analytics).